All About Our House

みんなのいえ (Minna no ie)

Married couple Naosuke (Naoki Tanaka) and Tamiko (Akiko Yagi) decide to build a new house from scratch, recruiting a young interior designer to plan, and Tamiko’s retired-carpenter father to build. However, not too long later they find that the designer’s contemporary, innovative ideas clash with the old carpenter’s traditional Japanese methods, the project starts to become a real mess, with Naosuke and Tamiko finding themselves playing piggy in the middle…

Written and directed by Koki Mitani (The Uchoten Hotel, Once In a Blue Moon), this film is an uplifting and roller-coaster tale of a young couple trying to create their dream home, and about how the clash of different generations’ ideals can almost make the whole thing fall to pieces! The film is also a fascinating insight into the enjoyable (and arguably painful) process of building a house!

Showing at: ICA, London; QFT, Belfast; Filmhouse, Edinburgh; Broadway Cinema, Nottingham.

Distributor: Fuji Television Network

Images © 2001 Fuji Television Network, Inc., Toho

Director: Koki Mitani
Toshiaki Karasawa, Kunie Tanaka, Naoki Tanaka, Akiko Yagi, Tsuyoshi Ihara
2001, 116min, English subtitles

Showing at:

15 March 2003

15 February 2005

Queen's Film Theatre
15 February 2015

15 March 2023