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Tomorrow’s Dinner Table

Asu no shokutaku,  明日の食卓

Director ZEZE Takahisa

Cast KANNO Miho, TAKAHATA Mitsuki, ONO Machiko

UK Premiere, 2021, 124 min, English Subtitles

Rumiko (KANNO Miho) is a freelance writer married to a cameraman with two young sons; Kana (TAKAHATA Mitsuki) is a divorcee juggling several part-time jobs as a single mum; and Asumi (ONO Machiko) is a housewife, affluent but unfulfilled. The three women are totally unrelated to one another, and each lives her own life, apart from having one thing in common: all three of their respective sons share the same name, ISHIBASHI Yu. As the vignettes of their individual stories become clear, each woman’s different struggles with her own son, and feelings of anger and anxiety soon threaten to bubble over.

In this uniquely conceptualised contemporary family drama, the socially conscious director, ZEZE Takahisa (My Friend, ‘A’), sensitively explores current issues and problems that mothers must contend with in the Japanese society.

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