Part of the 2022 season: What Lies Beneath

Kiba: The Fangs of Fiction

Damashie no kiba,  騙し絵の牙

Director YOSHIDA Daihachi


UK Premiere, 2020, 113 min, English Subtitles

When the president of the Kunpusha publishing giant suddenly dies, the company faces a corporate power vacuum. Amid the ensuing power struggle, Akira (OIZUMI Yo), the self-assured and witty editor-in-chief of the failing culture magazine Trinity, attempts to save his livelihood and the magazine from being discontinued with bold initiatives and by enlisting the help of a fresh-faced but tenacious young worker, Megumi (MATSUOKA Mayu). Megumi, however, may have her own ideas…

YOSHIDA Daihachi, whose films The Scythian Lamb and Pale Moon were screened as part of earlier editions of the Japan Foundation Touring Film Programme, directs an adaptation of a novel by SHIOTA Takeshi (who also wrote The Voice of Sin) dedicated to OIZUMI Yo, offering a comically cynical portrait of the cutthroat publishing industry in Japan.

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