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Director YOSHIDA Keisuke

Cast MATSUYAMA Kenichi, HIGASHIDE Masahiro, EMOTO Tokio

UK Premiere, 2021, 107 min, English Subtitles

Humiliated by a thrashing given to him by a teenager, Tsuyoshi (EMOTO Tokio), decides to join a boxing gym to be more attractive to women. In his discovery of a new passion for the sport, he is guided by coach Nobuto (MATSUYAMA Kenichi), himself a long-time practitioner and lover of boxing. Despite his burning enthusiasm, however, Nobuto continuously finds himself on the ropes, unable to win a single match. Meanwhile, his boxing mate, Kazuki (HIGASHIDE Masahiro), displays raw talent on the ring. Privately, Nobuto suppresses complex feelings towards Kazuki’s likelihood of winning this year’s championship, as well as the love he receives from Chika (KIMURA Fumino), Nobuto’s childhood sweetheart. Will the efforts and enthusiasm of all three men be enough to achieve what is desired?

A boxing enthusiast for some thirty years, YOSHIDA Keisuke (whom we have welcomed as a guest at a past edition of the programme) writes and directs this ode to the sport, illustrating the tribulations of the fighters in and out of the ring.

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