Part of the 2022 season: What Lies Beneath

The Voice of Sin

Tsumi no koe,  罪の声

Director DOI Nobuhiro


UK Premiere, 2020, 142 min, English Subtitles

Eiji (OGURI Shun) is a determined newspaper reporter writing an investigative piece on a high-profile unsolved extortion case dating back over thirty years, involving the blackmailing of several confectionary companies by a gang of criminals. Meanwhile, a tailor living Kyoto, Toshiya (HOSHINO Gen), makes a strange discovery when going through the possessions of his late father – a cassette tape recording of his own childhood voice with a threatening message. Was he involved in the case? As both men try to solve their own mysteries, their paths soon cross and they face the surprising truth behind the crime.

Inspired by one of the biggest cold cases that shook Japan, this award-winning film, partially shot on location in the UK, boasts a stellar cast and is a real masterpiece of the kind rarely seen in recent years.

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