Part of the 2022 season: What Lies Beneath

Liar x Liar


Director YAKUMO Saiji

Cast MATSUMURA Hokuto, MORI Nana

UK Premiere, 2021, 117 min, English Subtitles

Lies are never a good basis for the start of a romantic relationship, and a big whopper is exactly what kick-starts the proceedings in this unusual love story. Minato (MORI Nana) is an uptight wallflower who attaches very little importance to her appearance or dating. She lives with, and attends the same university as, her stepbrother from her mother’s second marriage, Toru (MATSUMURA Hokuto), who is a shameless womaniser. Minato outwardly despises him, yet, one day, when she goes out into the city after getting a complete makeover at the behest of her best friend, she runs into Toru and inexplicably introduces herself as ‘Mina’. For Toru, it’s love at first sight. How long will Minato be able to keep up the ruse?

YAKUMO Saiji (The Dark Maidens), who enjoys a reputation as a masterful director of films about the tribulations of teenage life, adapts this quirky story of surreal relationships from a highly popular manga series with excellent results.

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