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Sarugakucho de aimasho,  猿楽町で会いましょう

Director KOYAMA Takashi


UK Premiere, 2019, 122 min, English Subtitles

Shu (KANEKO Daichi) is a fledgling photographer looking for a muse and his big break. One day at a shooting session, he meets Yuka (ISHIKAWA Ruka), who is also taking her first steps in a new career as a model, and unexpectedly falls for the pure yet coquettish subject of his portraits. As Shu’s career takes off at the same time as his relationship with Yuka, he gradually begins to suspect that Yuka isn’t all that he believed her to be.

Based on director KOYAMA Takashi’s original boy-meets-girl story, this stylish and internationally well-received film takes on the guise of a romantic plot to reveal the dark desires and ambitions that lie within human beings as the audience is lead towards a cynical climax.

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