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Iwane: Sword of Serenity

Inemuri Iwane,  居眠り磐音

Director MOTOKI Katsuhide


UK Premiere, 2019, 121 min, English Subtitles

SAKAZAKI Iwane (MATSUZAKA Tori) is seemingly on a path to greatness – he is a well-respected samurai, admired for his courage, chivalry, and sword-fighting skills, and he is soon to wed his fiancée, Nao (YOSHINE Kyoko). Yet Iwane becomes entangled in a tragic incident which culminates in the death of his two childhood friends. He is left with no choice but to give up his current life and leave behind his town and Nao, as he becomes a wandering ronin. Drifting to Edo and surviving on brief and menial employment, he begins working as a bodyguard for a money exchanger. One day, he discovers sabotage is afoot and begins his plans to foil the monetary conspiracy.

This exciting adventure is a gem of the modern jidaigeki genre and was adapted for the screen from SAEKI Yasuhide’s incredibly popular period drama novel series, which has surpassed 20 million copies in print.

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