Where Chimneys Are Seen

(Entotsu no mieru basho, 煙突の見える場所)

Based on Rinzo Shiina’s absurdist novel, the film focuses on the microcosm of a house in 1950s Tokyo. Ryukichi (Ken Uehara) and Hiroko (Kinuyo Tanaka) are a married couple who, despite having two upstairs lodgers living with them, are desperately poor and go to complicated lengths to avoid unwanted pregnancies. In a bid to help their situation out, Hiroko secretly takes on a part-time job which aggravates Ryukichi who senses that his wife (who had been married once before but was seemingly widowed in WWII) is hiding something from him. He appears to be vindicated when a child is abandoned on their doorstep by someone who claims to be Hiroko first husband..

Widely regarded as the work most representative of vintage master Heinosuke Gosho’s concern for the lives of lower-middle class individuals, this all-star drama (the cast includes silver-screen regulars Kinuyo Tanaka and Hideko Takamine) was entered into the 3rd Berlin International Film Festival and is a rare find that focuses on marriage and family life in the post-war period of industrialisation.

1953/35mm/108 min/B&W/English Subtitles

Director: Heinosuke Gosho

Cast: Kinuyo Tanaka, Ken Uehara, Hideko Takamine

Showing at:

2 February 2019

9 February 2019

Showroom Cinema
14 February 2019

21 February 2019

Eden Court
26 February 2019

Dundee Contemporary Arts
3 March 2019

12 March 2019

Queen's Film Theatre
17 March 2019

22 March 2019

28 March 2019