Tremble All You Want

(Katte ni furuetero, 勝手にふるえてろ)

UK Premiere

Yoshika (Mayu Matsuoka) is a brainy junior accountant who, at the ripe old age of 24, has never been kissed. Putting in long hours at work, the only thing this eccentric wallflower finds time and enthusiasm for is looking up obscure trivia on Wikipedia and fantasising about having real-life interactions with people she encounters. Her most cherished obsession pertains to a high school crush, Ichi (her No.1 choice), whom she still carries a torch for – ten years later. Her silent pining is suddenly broken one day when her emotionally incontinent colleague, Ni (or second choice), confesses his love for her. Deciding its better than nothing, Yoshika begins an awkward courtship with him in spite of herself, anguishing over her feelings for Ichi versus Ni, ideals versus reality..

Genre veteran, Akiko Ohku, perceptively and deceptively adapts Risa Wataya’s novel, playing with our expectations of rom-com conventions while boldly exploring darker themes of loneliness felt by young women in contemporary Japanese society.

2017/117 min/English Subtitles

Director: Akiko Ohku

Cast: Mayu Matsuoka, Takumi Kitamura, Daichi Watanabe
© 2017 "TREMBLE ALL YOU WANT" Production Committee

Showing at:

2 February 2019

Showroom Cinema
7 February 2019

8 February 2019

24 February 2019

Brewery Arts Centre
28 February 2019