Good Stripes

(Good Stripes, グッド・ストライプス)

UK Premiere

Midori (Akiko Kikuchi) and Masao (Ayumu Nakajima) are a couple in their late 20s who have reached a ‘four-year itch’ in their relationship. Finding their life together has become dull, and their personalities irreconcilable, they consider breaking up. Just then, Midori discovers she is pregnant. Feeling obligated to stay together for the sake of the baby, they unenthusiastically decide to marry. As they prepare for their shotgun wedding and learn more about each other’s backgrounds, vast differences in their values and upbringing arise…but so too does a new found understanding.

In her widely-acclaimed second feature, promising director and screenwriter Yukiko Sode tells an original and charming love story that provides an insight into Japan’s increasing practice of weddings expedited by an unexpected pregnancy.

2015/118 min/English Subtitles

Director: Yukiko Sode

Cast: Akiko Kikuchi, Ayumu Nakajima, Juri Ihata, Asami Usuda

Showing at:

9 February 2019

10 February 2019

20 February 2019

Exeter Phoenix
17 March 2019

24 March 2019