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Dad's Lunch Box

Director Masakazu Fukatsu

Cast: Toshimi Watanabe, Utano Aoi, Yuriko Hara


(Papa no obento wa sekai ichi, パパのお弁当は世界一)

UK Premiere

Based on a simple but touching true story which gained viral recognition, having been retweeted more than 80,000 times and garnered over 260,000 ‘likes’. A newly divorced father (Toshimi Watanabe) finds himself out of depth when faced with the unfamiliar challenge of preparing his daughter’s daily lunchbox.

Refusing to perpetuate the role of the Japanese absentee father, director Masakazu Fukatsu highlights the existence of more profound relationships between single fathers and their children, while providing an insight into the growing niche of papaben, or bento lunches prepared by fathers dipping their toes into the culinary world.

離婚したばかりの男性が、高校生の娘のために弁当を3年間毎日作り続け、ツイッターで8万リツイート、26万いいねを記録した感動の実話を映画化。シングル・ファーザーとその子供という、一般に取り上げられることの少ない親子関係を描く。主演はシンガーの渡辺俊美。(Japanese synopsis by Eikoku News Digest)

2017/76 min/English Subtitles

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