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My Friend ‘A’

Director Takahisa Zeze

Cast: Tôma Ikuta, Eita, Munetaka Aoki

©Gaku Yakumaru/SHUEISHA, ©2018 “My Friend ‘A’” Film Partners

(Yuuzai, 友罪)

UK Premiere

Audience favourite, Toma Ikuta, continues his flourishing streak on the big screen –this time portraying a down and out journalist, Masuda, whose lofty ambitions result in an article that inadvertently causes tragedy.  Disillusioned, he resigns himself to a menial job at a small factory where he encounters Suzuki. Though he establishes a friendship with the man, Masuda begins to grow suspicious of his withdrawn co-worker, who he believes may have been involved in a spate of chilling murders that took place almost two decades ago.

My Friend ‘A’ presents an aching drama which questions the meaning of friendship, the limits of responsibility and coming to terms with guilt.

神戸連続児童殺傷事件などの未成年による凶悪犯罪を基に、人間の心の闇を描いた薬丸岳の同名ヒューマン小説を映画化。町工場の寮に暮らし始めた元ジャーナリストの益田は、他人との関わりを避けて暮らすミステリアスな青年、鈴木と友人になる。だがやがて、鈴木の暗い秘密に気づき……。(Japanese synopsis by Eikoku News Digest)

2018/128 min/English Subtitles

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