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Rurou no tsuki, 流浪の月

Director LEE Sang-il


2022, 150 min, English Subtitles

A ten-year-old girl, Sarasa, spends her time alone in a rainy park. One day, Fumi (MATSUZAKA Tori), a nineteen-year-old university student, comes along and invites her to his apartment. Fumi discovers that Sarasa is separated from her parents and is living with her aunt, and realises that the little girl is unwilling to go back home. He decides to let Sarasa stay at his place. The two lonely souls seem to have finally found a place in the world together until Fumi is arrested for kidnapping. Fifteen years later, the two meet again. However, they both have shouldered too much pain and suffering from being labelled as a ‘poor victim’ and a ‘dangerous paedophile’ respectively. What is the truth of these two people?

LEE Sang-il is a Japanese-Korean director known for portraying human existence under extreme conditions. The depiction of the protagonists’ emotional plight and the superb cinematography by Hong Kyung-pyo (Parasite) unceasingly pull in the viewer. Wandering is based  the best-selling novel of the same nae by NAGIRA Yu, which won a award in 2020.

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