Part of the 2023 season: Always Evolving

Goodbye Cruel World

Goodbye Cruel World, グッバイ・クルエル・ワールド

Director OMORI Tatsushi

Cast NISHIJIMA Hidetoshi, SAITO Takumi, MIYAZAWA Hio

2022, 127 min, English Subtitles

Five strangers gather in a light blue Ford Thunderbird and make their way under the cover of darkness. The group have only just met each other for the first time and have assembled for a one-time robbery job. They head towards a deserted love hotel acting as a money laundering site for a yakuza gang. Their heist ends in success, and the five return to their respective lives with a great sum of money in their hands – everything according to plan. But yakuza gangs, police, robber gangs, politicians and many more all come sniffing after the smell of money. Who is friend and who is foe? Who will be the last one standing in this war?

This can be considered a Japanese Pulp Fiction mixed with Bonny and Clyde – an oddly beautiful noir film of stylish decadence. The film stars NISHIJIMA Hidetoshi, who previously starred in Drive My Car, playing an ex-yakuza who leads the robbery gang.

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