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Angry Son

Sekai wa bokura ni kizukanai, 世界は僕らに気づかない

Director IIZUKA Kasho

Cast HORIKE Kazuki, Gow, SHINOHARA Masafumi

2022, 112 min, English Subtitles

Jungo (HORIKE Kazuki) is an angry high school boy. Nothing is going well – he cannot focus on his studies nor on his relationship with his boyfriend (SHINOHARA Masafumi). His main source of anger is his mother, Reina (Gow), a Filipina bar hostess. She has never told Jungo about his father, who he only knows through monthly child support payments. Jungo is haunted by his younger days when he was bullied for being mixed race, and still feels very much like an outcast. One day, unexpectedly, he finds an unfamiliar man (MORISHITA Nobuhiro) in the living room, who turns out to be his mother’s new boyfriend. To his surprise, he learns that his mother and this man are soon to be married. Not being able to accept this, Jungo sets out in search of his real father.

Director IIZUKA Kasho, who himself is transgender, puts a spotlight on marginalised people and explores issues arising from diversity in Japanese society and the LGBTQ+ community – an increasingly prevelant subject matter in current Japanese cinema.



Young and Formidable: Directors HORIE Takahiro, IIZUKA Kasho & KOJIMA Oudai in Conversation

Date: Fri, 24 Mar 2023 13:00 (GMT)
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