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Under the Open Sky

Subarashiki sekai, すばらしき世界

Director NISHIKAWA Miwa


2021, 126 min, English Subtitles

Mikami Masao (YAKUSHO Koji), is released from prison after thirteen years for murder. Having no friends or family and no valid skills for work opportunities, he struggles to re-enter society. But Mikami is determined to leave his shadowy past behind him and desires to find his mother, from whom he was separated as a young child. Meanwhile, a television company takes an interest in Mikami, seeking to make a documentary programme based on his life. Tsunoda (NAKANO Taiga), a young TV director, approaches Mikami for an interview, and ends up witnessing the ups and downs of MIKAMI’s relationships with others during his rehabilitation period.

Director NISHIKAWA Miwa has proved to be at the forefront of contemporary Japanese cinema. Starting her career as an assistant of KORE-EDA Hirokazu, her previous works have been shown internationally. The veteran actor YAKUSHO Koji gives a captivating performance displaying a range of emotions and body language. The character is modelled after a real person, and the film carefully depicts the stigma and problems attached to the re-integration of ex-convicts into the society.

© Ryuzo Saki / 2021 “Under the Open Sky” Production Committee



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