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Kuhaku, 空白

Director YOSHIDA Keisuke


2021, 107 min, English Subtitles

A junior high school girl’s (ITO Aoi) accidental death sparks a flurry of activity. She had been caught shoplifting at a local supermarket by the shop manager, Naoto (MATSUZAKA Tori), who then chased her down the street. After running out into the road, she gets hit by a car and truck and dies brutally and instantaneously. Having brought up the girl alone, her father, Mitsuru (FURUTA Arata), cannot accept the accident nor the fact that his daughter was stealing. While the media feeds upon the girl’s death, Mitsuru starts hunting down the ones to blame.

One of the Japan Foundation Touring Film Programme’s regular directors, YOSHIDA Keisuke shows his masterful directorial skills and explores human behaviour and psychology in-depth in this poignant and original film which reflects on contemporary sin, deception and forgiveness.

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