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It Comes

Kuru, 来る

Director NAKASHIMA Tetsuya

Cast OKADA Junichi, KUROKI Haru, TSUMABUKI Satoshi

2018, 134 min, English Subtitles

Tahara Hideki (TSUMABUKI Satoshi) and Kana (KUROKI Haru) are blessed with a baby girl, whom they name Chisa. Hideki’s life seems to be perfect until one day a visitor to his company leaves him a message with his colleague that mentions “Chisa-san”. Soon his colleague who took the message meets a mysterious death – which is only the beginning of the nightmare. Fearing that his wife, Kana, and his young daughter, Chisa, will be harmed, he visits Nozaki (OKADA Junichi), an occultist, to find out how to break the unknown curse. The attacks by a sinister presence continue to escalate, causing casualties one after another. Learning that the source of the unknown curse is something beyond their imagination, the country’s most prestigious exorcists gather at Hideki’s home.

Director NAKAHIMA Tetsuya is a talented director of dark dramas such as The World of Kanako (2014) and Confessions (2010). It Comes is a deeply unsettling  horror which cannot be ruined by simple gruesome imagery. The film is relentless in making the viewer feel uncomfortable, and has pushed Japanese horror films to a new level.

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