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Mrs Noisy

Director AMANO Chihiro

Cast: SHINOHARA Yukiko, OOTAKA Yoko, NAGAO Takuma

(Misesu noizi,  ミセス・ノイズィ)

A once successful novelist, Maki (SHINOHARA Yukiko), moves into a new apartment hoping it’s the change she needs to get herself out of her writing slump. However, every time she seems on the verge of an inspired breakthrough, she is violently interrupted by her neighbour’s furious beating of the futons. Day and night, the incessant thwacking drives Maki past annoyance and well into an all-out rage. She confronts the neighbour, Miwako (OOTAKA Yoko), and the seemingly small argument snowballs into a fight that gets caught on camera. The video goes viral on social media, and the two inadvertently get caught up in a media storm. But in the ensuing fallout, Maki gets an idea for a novel…

Inspired by a true incident in Japan, director AMANO Chihiro’s independent film took its international audience by storm, depicting how a relatively trivial affair can spiral into an uncontrollable situation. While relatable to anyone who has ever sparred with a neighbour from hell, the narrative also asks for more understanding in our daily interactions with others.

2019/106 min/English Subtitles



Screening Dates:


Saturday, 20 February from 10:00 (GMT) – 48 hour rental window



Monday, 8 March from 18:00 (GMT) – 48 hour rental window




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Mrs Noisy