Part of the 2021 season: This is My Place

Haruka’s Pottery

Director SUETSUGU Naruhito

Cast: Nao, HIRAYAMA Hiroyuki, MURAKAMI Jun, SASANO Takashi

©2019 Haruka's Pottery Film Partners©2019「ハルカの陶」製作委員会

(Haruka no sue, ハルカの陶)

A wholesome tale of a twenty-year old finding her true calling in the most unexpected of places. Stagnating in an unfulfilling office job and unsure of what direction to take in life, Haruka (Nao) finds her passion suddenly ignited when she happens to come across an exhibition of traditional Bizen pottery. Mesmerised by its beauty, Haruka makes a spontaneous decision to quit her current life (along with her job and apartment in Tokyo) and move to Okayama Prefecture in order to become a Bizen pottery apprentice. There she encounters the master artist, Osamu (HIRAYAMA Hiroyuki), a morose recluse affected by his past. Will she succeed in getting through to him and learning the secrets of the craft?

In this live-action adaptation of the eponymous manga, the narrative explores not only the story of a woman trying to find her place in the world but also the history and craft of Bizen pottery, one of the six best known and long-standing pottery kilns existing in Japan.

2019/119 min/English Subtitles



Screening Dates:


Saturday, 20 February from 10:00 (GMT) – 48 hour rental window



Monday, 8 March from 18:00 (GMT) – 48 hour rental window




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Haruka’s Pottery