Part of the 2021 season: This is My Place

Little Miss Period

Director SHINADA Shunsuke

Cast: NIKAIDO Fumi, ITO Sairi


(Seiri Chan, 生理ちゃん)

In a fantastical spin on real life, the bemoaned struggle of periods is personified in literal monthly visitations of the obtrusive Little Miss Period – an obnoxiously large, heart-shaped plush presence blissfully unaware of the nuisance it is. Here, it follows several women as they navigate the ups and downs of their daily life with their companion in tow. Whether it be a high-flying editor of a fashion magazine, a social recluse resigned to singledom, or a young girl frustrated by the trials of puberty, Little Miss Period is always on hand to provide funny commentary, instructive life lessons, and physical discomfort in equal measure.

Providing an insightful representation of the necessary monthly inconvenience and pain experienced by roughly half of the world’s population, director SHINADA Shunsuke combines episodic shorts of the original award-winning manga into a feature film which sheds a whimsical light on a taboo topic too often swept under the rug.

2019/75 min/English Subtitles



Screening Dates:


Thursday, 4 March from 18:00 (GMT) – 72 hour rental window




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Little Miss Period