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Farewell: Comedy of Life Begins with A Lie

Director NARUSHIMA Izuru


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(Guddobai  Uso kara hajimaru jinsei kigeki,  グッドバイ 嘘からはじまる人生喜劇)

In the postwar Showa era (1926-1989), while Japan is labouring under the occupation of the American forces, Shuji (OIZUMI Yo) thrives both in his professional and private life. He has a cushy job as an editor-in-chief of a literary magazine and, despite his hesitant personality, he is a raging philanderer juggling many women. One day, he decides that he cannot continue living in this way and resolves to break things off with all of his girlfriends. Finding it impossible to do his own dirty work, Shuji hires the coarse and straight-talking Kinuko (KOIKE Eiko) to masquerade as his false wife with the intention of ridding himself of the other women.

This madcap comedy, set against the background of a significant period in Japanese history, is a liberally loose adaptation of literary master OSAMU Dazai’s final and unfinished novel, published posthumously.

2019/106 min/English Subtitles


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Tuesday, 23 February from 18:00 (GMT) – 48 hour rental window



Friday, 5 March from 18:00 (GMT) – 48 hour rental window




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Farewell – Comedy of Life Begins With A Lie