Part of the 2021 season: This is My Place


Director MURAHASHI Naoki


©2019 Yoshimoto Kogyo

(Ekisutoro, エキストロ)

In a hilarious ode to the lesser appreciated aspect of the cinema industry, this mockumentary turns its doting lens onto the world of local townspeople working as extras at a popular shooting location for jidaigeki (period drama) films. In particular, the film focuses on 63-year-old dental technician HAGINOYA Kozo (himself) as its subject, the camera crew trailing his every move as he reveals his aspirations to follow in the footsteps of his idol Steve McQueen and unintentionally causes mischief on set. The campy storyline is chock-a-block with celebrity cameos, including none other than cult director OBAYASHI Nobuhiko (check out Labyrinth of Cinema) appearing in a talking head segment and expounding the subtle artistry of extras.

Though not strictly speaking a documentary, this work provides a fascinating insight into the true lives of extras in Japan, illustrating their passions for the industry and taking you on a tour of film sets within a huge open studio.

2019/89 min/English Subtitles











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Friday, 26 February from 18:00 (GMT) – 72 hour rental window




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