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658km, Yoko no tabi, 658km、陽子の旅

Director KUMAKIRI Kazuyoshi


2022, 113 min, English subtitles

42-year-old Yoko (KIKUCHI Rinko) leads a reclusive, penniless, and somewhat hopeless life in Tokyo. For 20 years, ever since her father objected to her chasing her dreams, she has held a grudge against him.

One day, Yoko is notified of her father’s passing, and so she reluctantly departs for her hometown of Hirosaki to attend his funeral, together with her cousin Shigeru (TAKEHARA Pistol) and his family. Along the way, however, Shigeru and his family become distracted, leaving Yoko stranded. Unable to call for help or pay for a train, Yoko decides to hitchhike the remainder of the journey, and as she travels, she encounters various people from all walks of life, including the ghost of her father. Will Yoko make it to the funeral on time? And can she reconcile her long-held grudge against her father?

Directed by KUMAKIRI Kazuyoshi, a familiar face at international film festivals, and featuring an ending theme by ISHIBASHI Eiko (Drive My Car) and Jim O’Rourke, YOKO is a raw and passionate depiction of one forty-something woman’s journey to come to terms with her past.



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