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Undercurrent, アンダーカレント

Director IMAIZUMI Rikiya

Cast MAKI Yoko, NAGAYAMA Eita, IURA Arata, Lily Franky

2023, 143 min, English Subtitles

Kanae (MAKI Yoko) struggles to manage her family’s bathhouse after her husband, Satoru (NAGAYAMA Eita), suddenly vanishes. She is often possessed by his memories, as well as memories from her childhood that she cannot recall. One day, HORI Takayuki (IURA Arata), a boiler man, comes seeking work and shelter, which Kanae agrees to offer.

In her quest to find her missing husband, Kanae hires the eccentric private detective YAMASAKI (Lily Franky). As Kanae delves into Satoru’s disappearance, her buried childhood memories resurface again, revealing hidden truths about herself, her husband, and HORI’s true motives. What will be uncovered as the undercurrents in each of their hearts are unravelled?

Based on the legendary manga Undercurrent by TOYODA Tetsuya, which received enthusiastic acclaim both in Japan and abroad upon its release in 2005, distinguished filmmaker IMAIZUMI Rikiya (Little Nights, Little Love and His) skilfully portrays the emotions that have long been locked away in people’s hearts. The music is composed by HOSONO Haruomi, who received the top award at the Cannes Film Festival for his work on Shoplifters (2018).




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