Part of the 2024 season: Unforgettable

Hoarder On The Border

Danshari Paradise, 断捨離パラダイス

Director KAYANO Takayuki

Cast SHINODA Ryo, IZUMIYA Shigeru, KITAYAMA Masayasu, MUTO Tomu

2022, 101 min, English Subtitles

A promising pianist, Ritsuki (SHINODA Ryo), develops unexplained hand tremors, forcing him to abandon his musical career. Naturally devastated and lost, he seeks a new path in life.  After some attempts at job hunting, Ritsuki gets a job – a clearing service for hoarder houses. With the help of a quirky boss and dedicated colleagues, Ritsuki’s cleaning career begins seemingly without fault, except that he not only confronts mountains of clutter but also unravels dark secrets behind the clients he encounters.

Directed by KAYANO Takayuki, a rising talent, this heart-warming comedy provides a genuine yet comical portrayal of the lives of individuals who can’t let go of their possessions. Presented in an omnibus-style format featuring multiple interconnected narratives, the film conveys these stories with humour and emotion, shedding light on the lives of people on the fringes of Japanese society.



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