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The Fish Tale

Sakana no ko, さかなのこ

Director OKITA Shuichi

Cast Non, YAGIRA Yuya, Kaho, ISOMURA Hayato

2022, 139 min, English subtitles

Based on the autobiography of Sakana-kun, a Japanese TV personality well-known for his extensive knowledge of fish, The Fish Tale tells the story of Meebo (Non), an endearing and eccentric individual with a life-long passion for fish. First introduced to the creatures during a visit to an aquarium, Meebo is immediately captivated by them, nurturing, drawing, and reading about fish, fish, nothing but fish! This passion, however, has some unfortunate downsides: Meebo is shunned and ostracised at school, and continues to struggle as an adult, falling in and out of work in a world that seems to demand “normality.”

Combining quirky humour with a heartfelt and human coming-of-age story, The Fish Tale is a heart-warming celebration of individuality directed by OKITA Shuichi, whose previous works A Story of Yonosuke (2013) and Ora, Ora Be Goin’ Alone (2020) were both screened as part of the Japan Foundation Touring Film Programme.

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タレントで魚類学者のさかなクンの自伝「さかなクンの一魚一会 ~まいにち夢中な人生!〜 」を映画化。さかなクンを性別の異なるのんが演じ話題になった。幼いころに水族館に行って以来、魚の大好きなミー坊。学校で「変わっている」と馬鹿にされながらも、魚の博士を目指して奮闘するさまを描く。ギョギョおじさん役でさかなクン本人も出演している。

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  • ICA Saturday 10 February, 15:30
  • Watershed Saturday 17 February, 14:30