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A Man

Aru otoko, ある男

Director ISHIKAWA Kei

Cast TSUMABUKI Satoshi, ANDO Sakura, KUBOTA Masataka, MASHIMA Hidekazu

2022, 121 min, English subtitles

Divorcee Rie (ANDO Sakura) returns to her hometown, where she meets and remarries a reserved young man named Daisuke (KUBOTA Masataka). Together, they lead a modest, happy life, until one day, Daisuke is killed in a tragic accident.

A year later, his brother Kyoichi (MASHIMA Hidekazu) reveals a shocking truth upon seeing a photograph of Daisuke: the man Rie knew and loved as Daisuke was not Daisuke at all; he was in fact a different person altogether. Determined to uncover the true identity of her beloved husband, Rie enlists the support of KIDO (TSUMABUKI Satoshi), whose investigation leads him to confront issues of identity as he seeks out the truth behind the man, now known as “Mr. X,” who called himself Daisuke.

Based on HIRANO Keiichiro’s best-selling novel of the same name, A Man poignantly explores some of the social issues faced in Japan today. This award-winning film has been screened at many international film festivals to huge acclaim.



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