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Ice Cream Fever

Ice Cream Fever, アイスクリームフィーバー

Director CHIHARA Tetsuya

Cast YOSHIOKA Riho, Serena Motola, Utaha, MATSUMOTO Marika

2023, 104 min, English Subtitles

Natsumi (YOSHIOKA Riho), an art school graduate who had struggled to find success in a design company, now works part-time at an ice cream shop in Shibuya, Tokyo. She becomes deeply captivated by regular customer and writer Saho (Serena Motola), sensing a fateful connection she can’t ignore. Natsumi’s younger co-worker, Takako (Utaha), observes her with complex emotions, witnessing Natsumi’s transformation. Meanwhile, Yu (MATSUMOTO Marika), a neighbour living near the ice cream shop, receives a sudden visit from her estranged 15-year-old niece, Miwa (MINAMI Kotona), who unexpectedly comes to live with her in search of her long-lost father. Yu is taken aback by this sudden change in her life, and Miwa’s presence awakens her painful memories.

Adapted from the short story Ice Cream Netsu by Akutagawa Prize-winning author KAWAKAMI Mieko (known for Heaven), this film weaves together intricate tales of women from different generations and their relationships and emotions. Making his directorial debut, CHIHARA Tetsuya, who made his name as an art director in advertising and fashion, infuses the film with quirky shots and vibrant colours, bringing a visually engaging cinematic experience.



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Featuring a special guest appearance by director CHIHARA Tetsuya at select screenings:

– Jesus College, Cambridge (3 Feb)
– Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA), London (4 Feb) + Serena Motola
– Phoenix, Leicester (5 Feb) + Serena Motola
– Showroom Cinema, Sheffield (6 Feb) + Serena Motola

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