Part of the 2018 season: (Un)true Colours

The Long Excuse

Director Miwa Nishikawa

Cast Cast: Masahiro Motoki, Pistol Takehara, Keiko Horiuchi, Haru Kuroki, Sosuke Ikematsu, Eri Fukatsu

(Nagai iiwake, 永い言い訳)

Sachio (Masahiro Motoki), a celebrity novelist, discovers that his wife of many years has died in an accident but is unable to shed a tear. Having been with another woman at the time of his wife’s death, Sachio now discovers he must play the role of a grieving husband. Then, he meets Yoichi, the devastated widower of his wife’s friend who also died in the accident, leaving two young children behind. Without really knowing why, Sachio offers to look after them while their father is at work. With his newfound family, Sachio begins to come to terms with the void left by his wife.

Based on director Miwa Nishikawa’s own novel, this gently humorous drama is a fascinating portrait of a character with dubious morality and deceitful inner thoughts. The film stars Masahiro Motoki, in his first big screen leading role since his performance in the Academy Award-winning Departures.

2016/124 min/English Subtitles




監督: 西川美和
出演: 本木雅弘、竹原ピストル、池松壮亮

(Special thanks to Eikoku News Digest)


Special Note from the director, Miwa Nishikawa:

It’s been around two years since I finished this film. The fact that since I handed it over it has received this opportunity to screen as far away from Japan as the UK, to touch people of different cultures and ways of life, to elicit new responses and new critique, has made me realize that a film really does have a life of its own, and allowed me to take pride in my work.

I hope you will be glad, in however small a way, that you spent two hours watching this film.




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