Part of the 2018 season: (Un)true Colours

Sing My Life

Director Nobuo Mizuta

Cast: Mikako Tabe, Mitsuko Baisho, Satomi Kobayashi, Jun Kaname, Takuma Kitamura

© 2016 Ayakano Film Partners © 2014 CJ E&M Corporation

(Ayashii kanojo, あやしい彼女)

Katsu (Mitsuko Baisho) is an eccentric and sharp-tongued grandmother who has worked hard throughout her life in order to make ends meet. Now 73, Katsu regrets being unable to live life to the fullest and not being able to pursue her dreams. One day, while taking a short walk seeking respite from her hectic family life, Katsu stumbles upon a mysterious photography studio – one which magically transforms her back into her 20-year-old self (Mikako Tabe). With newfound freedom and youthful energy, Katsu joins her oblivious grandson’s pop band as a singer and embarks on a journey to stardom.

A heart-warming tale with plenty of laughs and toe-tapping tunes, this cross-generational comedy is based on the blockbuster Korean movie Miss Granny, an Asia-wide hit which has inspired numerous remakes.

2016/125 min/English Subtitles




監督: 水田伸生
出演: 多部未華子、倍賞美津子、小林聡美

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