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Gukoroku - Traces of Sin

Director Kei Ishikawa

Cast Cast: Satoshi Tsumabuki, Hikari Mitsushima, Keisuke Koide, Asami Usuda, Yui Ichikawa

(Gukoroku 愚行録)

Tanaka, an investigative reporter who grew up in a troubled family, is going through a tough time trying to support his younger sister Mitsuko (Hikari Mitsushima), recently arrested and held in prison. Meanwhile, he immerses himself into a story about a shocking murder of the ‘perfect’ family – a successful businessman, a beautiful wife and an adorable child – who were brutally massacred the year before, with the case going cold and remaining unsolved. Through interviewing their friends and acquaintances, stories of their true nature unfold and it becomes apparent that the family was not the ideal it appeared to be. In turn, the interviewees unveil their own hidden natures, revealing a disturbing portrait of social elitism.

Director Kei Ishikawa’s first feature film and originally premiered at Venice Film Festival, Gukoroku is a crime mystery exploring the dark sides of social cliques and ruthlessness of human nature.

2016/120 min/English Subtitles



貫井徳郎の第135回直木賞候補作を映画化。事件記者として働く田中は、迷宮入りになったある殺人事件を追っていた。それはエリート・ビジネスマンの父親、美しい母親、礼儀正しい子供、という幸せな一家が何者かに殺害された陰惨な事件。田中が調査を進めるうちに、理想的に見えた家族の思わぬ闇の部分が現れ始める。脚本は、TV ドラマ「深夜食堂」などを担当した向井康介。

監督: 石川慶

出演: 妻夫木聡、満島ひかり、小出恵介

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