After School

(After School, アフタースクール)

Jinno (Yo Oizumi) is a middle school teacher whose friend Kimura (Masato Sakai) and his wife are expecting a baby. However, on the day of the baby’s delivery, Kimura suddenly goes missing. Meanwhile a seedy private detective (Kuranosuke Sasaki) hired by a black company seeks the whereabouts of Kimura. Before long, unknown shocking facts about Kimura are revealed and the situation turns to the course nobody would expect.

Known for his powerful plot twists; this early work by Kenji Uchida is a hidden gem filled with puzzles and surprises.

2008/102 min/English Subtitles




監督: 内田けんじ
出演: 大泉洋、佐々木蔵之介、堺雅人

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Director: Kenji Uchida
Cast: Yo Oizumi, Kuranosuke Sasaki, Masato Sakai, Tomoko Tabata
Distributor: TBS (Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, Inc.)

Showing at:

10 February 2018

Queen's Film Theatre
18 February 2018

6 March 2018

Showroom Cinema
18 March 2018