Part of the 2018 season: (Un)true Colours

Room for Let

Director Yuzo Kawashima

Cast Cast: Chikage Awashima, Nobuko Otowa, Frankie Sakai, Ikio Sawamura

©1959 Takarazuka Eiga Co., Ltd.

(Kashima ari, 貸間あり)

When Yumiko Tsuyama, a potter by profession, enters an old mansion overlooking Osaka enquiring about a room to rent, she discovers a bizarre collection of characters dwelling in the humble abode. There’s a low-level gangster and panty thief, an old army sergeant and cabbage roll specialist, and a female illegal liquor vendor – to name a few. The leader of the menagerie is Yoda Goro, an eccentric jack of all trades; his simplicity and naivety, however, leave him susceptible to unscrupulous manipulators.

Celebrating the centenary of Yuzo Kawashima, a master of satire little-known outside of Japan, this rare portrait of Osaka low life will be commemoratively shown as part of this year’s programme.

1957/35mm/112 min/B&W/English Subtitles




監督: 川島雄三
出演: フランキー堺、淡島千景、桂小金治

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