Tsukiji Wonderland


The world’s largest fish market, Tsukiji is a place like no other. Known as “the kitchen of Japan”, Tsukiji has been at the heart of Japanese cuisine since opening almost 80 years ago. Boasting over 600 wholesalers who have dedicated their lives to supplying quality produce, the incredible scale of trade at Tsukiji is a testament to their pride and determination.

Filmmaker Naotaro Endo began shooting at Tsukiji in spring 2014 when speculation of the market’s closure began. Shot over the course of an entire year, Endo captures the extraordinary operations of this iconic fish market. Although the future of Tsukiji still hangs in the balance, Endo has ensured that its legacy will never be forgotten.


監督: 遠藤尚太郎

Distributor: Shochiku

Director: Naotaro Endo
2016, 110 min, English subtitles

Showing at:

5 February 2017

9 February 2017

Queen's Film Theatre
11 February 2017

Eden Court
19 February 2017

Dundee Contemporary Arts
27 February 2017

Brewery Arts Centre
14 March 2017

18 March 2017

20 March 2017

Exeter Phoenix
22 March 2017

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