Lady Maiko

舞妓はレディ (Maiko wa redii)

UK Premiere

Naïve country bumpkin Haruko (Mone Kamishiraishi) arrives in the traditional heart of Kyoto to attempt the impossible. Rough-hewn and with an impenetrable accent, Haruko begs to be given a chance to become the epitome of cultural sophistication: a Kyoto geisha.

Taking inspiration from My Fair Lady, this film tells the “rags to riches” story of Haruko and her struggle and aspiration to become a maiko (apprentice geisha) in Kyoto. Directed by Japan’s master of entertainment films and JFTFP guest in 2012 Masayuki Suo (Shall We Dance?), the film is a fun-filled and toe-tapping treat providing an insight into the world of geisha and the dedication it takes to achieve your dreams.

「Shall we ダンス?」の周防正行監督が歌とダンスで綴る、コミカルなミュージカル・エンターテインメント。舞妓になることを夢見て、田舎から京都の花街に出て来た少女、春子。だが、野暮ったいうえにきつい訛りを話す彼女は、お茶屋の女将に舞妓になれる見込みはないと門前払いをされてしまう。往年のミュージカル「マイ・フェア・レディ」からインスピレーションを得たという作品。

監督: 周防正行
出演: 上白石萌音、長谷川博己、渡辺えり

Distributor: Pony Canyon

Director: Masayuki Suo
Starring: Mone Kamishiraishi, Hiroki Hasegawa, Eri Watanabe
2014, 135 min, English subtitles

Showing at:

4 February 2017

12 February 2017

Queen's Film Theatre
5 March 2017

Eden Court
5 March 2017

21 March 2017

Phoenix Leicester
29 March 2017

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