Flora on the Sand

砂の上の植物群 (Suna no ue no shokubutsugun)

One evening, at the Marine Tower observatory, cosmetics salesman Ichiro Iki is drawn into conversation with an unfamiliar young lady Akiko. She invites Ichiro back to a hotel where they make love but part without even exchanging names.

A week later, they have a second chance encounter at the observatory. This time, Ichiro is the one who pursues her. Back at the hotel, Akiko begs Ichiro to give her sister – Kyoko, a bar hostess – absolute hell. Akiko resents her sister for lecturing on chastity, while wantonly indulging in promiscuous activity. Ichiro takes an interest in Kyoko and sets out towards her bar…

Directed by Ko Nakahira, this innovative and erotically charged drama based on a novel by Junnosuke Yoshiyuki foreshadows Nikkatsu’s lucrative ‘Roman Porno’ genre, which helped the studio avoid bankruptcy in the 70s.


監督: 中平康
出演: 仲谷昇、島崎雪子、稲野和子

Distributor: Nikkatsu Corporation

Director: Ko Nakahira
Starring: Noboru Nakaya, Kazuko Inano, Mieko Nishio
1964, 95 min, English subtitles

Images: © 1964 Nikkatsu Corporation

Showing at:

8 February 2017

11 February 2017

15 February 2017

Phoenix Leicester
23 February 2017

Showroom Cinema
2 March 2017

Eden Court
11 March 2017

22 March 2017