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Noriben - The Recipe for Fortune

Director Akira Ogata

Cast Hiro Ando, Mitsuko Baisho, Ittoku Kishibe

2009, 107 min, English subtitles

のんちゃんのり弁 (Nonchan no noriben)

Komaki (Manami Konishi) is a 31-year-old woman who decides to leave her aspiring writer but jobless husband and move back to her hometown, a small working-class district in Tokyo with her young daughter Non-chan. After the ‘noriben’ lunch box (a “bento” featuring toasted “nori” (seaweed) on rice) that she packed for Non-chan becomes a huge hit at school, Komaki decides to try and make ends meet by opening her own “bento” shop and offering inexpensive but undoubtedly delicious food.

This heartfelt human drama about a woman’s journey to independence features home cuisine created by food stylist Nami Iijima whose simple but appetising creations have also appeared in films such as Kamome Diner and Chef of the South Pole. It is guaranteed to whet your appetite!


監督: 緒方明
出演: 小西真奈美、岸部一徳、岡田義徳

Distributor: Kino Films

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