I'll Give it My All...Tomorrow

俺はまだ本気出してないだけ (Ore wa mada honki dashitenai dake)

Fed-up forty-something Shizuo (Shinichi Tsutsumi) quits his secure job to become a full-time slacker, embarking on a reluctant pursuit to follow his true dreams. Despite now spending most of his time hanging around the house in his underwear playing video games and working part-time at a fast-food restaurant, Shizuo eventually comes to realise his true passion in life: Manga! Without much preparation or any skill, Shizuo starts working on his masterpiece…

Adapted from Shunju Aono’s popular manga series, this comedy by Yuichi Fukuda (the director behind HK: Forbidden Super Hero) follows the mid-life crisis of a loveable lazybones trying to find his calling. It will no doubt delight many aspiring manga writers of all stages of their lives!


監督: 福田雄一
出演: 堤真一、橋本愛、生瀬勝久

Distributor: Shochiku

Image: © 2013 “I’ll Give It My All… Tomorrow” Film Partners

Director: Yuichi Fukuda
Shinichi Tsutsumi, Ai Hashimoto, Renji Ishibashi, Katsuhisa Namase
2013, 105 min, English subtitles

Showing at:

6 February 2016

Showroom Cinema
15 February 2016

Dundee Contemporary Arts
23 February 2016

28 February 2016

Brewery Arts Centre
8 March 2016

21 March 2016

Phoenix Leicester
26 March 2016