Kakegurui - Compulsive Gambler

(Eiga: Kakegurui,  映画 賭ケグルイ)

UK Premiere

At Hyakkaoh Private Academy students are ranked on their gambling abilities rather than grades. The coveted prize for becoming the ultimate gambling champion is a ‘blank future’ that will give the winner autonomy over their life after graduation. Who will win happiness by betting on their lives?

2019/119 min/English Subtitles

Director: HANABUSA Tsutomu

Cast: HAMABE Minami, TAKASUGI Mahiro, IKEDA Elaiza

Showing at:

5 February 2020

Showroom Cinema
11 February 2020

Dundee Contemporary Arts
21 February 2020

23 February 2020

Macrobert Arts Centre
24 February 2020

Belmont Filmhouse
12 March 2020

14 March 2020

Queen's Film Theatre
15 March 2020

Chapter Arts Centre
15 March 2020

Exeter Phoenix
25 March 2020