Part of the 2014 season: East Side Stories


カラフル / Karafuru

Director Keiichi Hara

Cast (voices) Kumiko Aso, Keiji Fujiwara, Jingi Irie, Akina Minami, Aoi Miyazaki.

2010/126min/English subtitles

Image © 2010 Eto Mori / Fuji Television Network, Inc. / Sunrise Inc. / Dentsu Inc. / Aniplex Inc. / Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc. / Toho Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

A dejected spirit is given a second chance at life when he is placed in the body of 14-year-old boy Makoto, who has been experiencing a difficult time at home and at school. Keiichi Hara’s aptly-named anime feature film is a sincere exploration into the lives and minds of early teens in contemporary Japan.


Director Keiichi Hara will be present at the following screenings:

ICA, London – 31 January 2014, 7.00pm
Watershed, Bristol – 1 February 2014, 1.00pm
ICA, London – 4 February 2014, 6.10pm


Screening dates

  • Broadway Tuesday 14 March, 17:45
  • ICA Tuesday 14 January, 19:00

Past screenings